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Saving and Investing

Learning to save money is a basic skill. Your efforts to put a little cash aside will improve your ability to deal with money emergencies and help you develop solid goal-setting habits like saving for a home or retirement. Saving for a goal helps to continually remind you how much you really want whatever you are saving for. And often times, saying "no" to impulsive spending habits can be incredibly rewarding.


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Kansas Saves

We are joining communities across Kansas to launch the Kansas Saves program. Kansas Saves is a partner with America Saves - a nationwide campaign to encourage building wealth not debt. Enrolling as a Kansas Saver allows you to establish personal savings goals, receive savings messages and quarterly newsletters. Visit the Kansas Saves website, which explains how to save and how to use Savers services including enrollment as a Kansa Saver.


For Retirement Planning/Saving see Medicare and Aging page.


General Savings

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Saving for College

How to Pay for College - Tax advantages to the different options available to pay for college.